Sweet-Ease® Natural / Sweet-Ease® Preserved
The Sucrose Solution ™

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Sweet-Ease Preserved and Natural

Sweet-Ease is a 24% sucrose and water solution. Sucrose is an all natural, non-pharmacologic intervention that has been widely studied and proven to be associated with statistically and clinically significant reductions in discomfort to the infant.

Sweet-Ease is effective for calming and soothing babies up to six months of age.* It is packaged in a 51mm translucent, spill-resistant cup (filled to 15ml).

It may be used in all areas of the hospital, including the NICU, PICU, newborn nursery, ER and pediatrician’s office.

Sweet-Ease is available in two formulations:

Sweet-Ease Natural
  • 24% sucrose and water with no additives
Sweet-Ease Preserved
  • 24% sucrose and water with only two additives – potassium sorbate and citric acid
Sweet-Heart® Sweet-Ease Cup Holder

The Sweet-Heart holder is designed to snugly hold the Sweet-Ease cup and prevent it from tipping. The Sweet-Heart is made from closed cell foam that can be easily cleaned and disinfected using standard hospital solutions.

This product is for hospital use only
Item Numbers

99044 Sweet-Ease Natural Sucrose Solution - 200/case (4 boxes of 50)**
1034933 Sweet-Ease Preserved Sucrose Solution- 200/case (4 boxes of 50)**
1023770 Sweet-Heart - 1/each

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**Available by the box or the case - 50 per box; 4 boxes per case